What to Know Before Beginning Rhinoplasty Surgery – FATA Online

lasting impact on your appearance. When you are considering rhinoplasty you must be familiar with the doctor who will perform your surgery.

Verify if the doctor has been accredited by the American Board of Facial Plastic and reconstructive surgery. Not only do they meet the criteria from the Board, accreditation also ensures that the surgeon will be able to carry out the procedure competently. The surgeons without this certification might not be able match the quality of those with this certification.

It is also possible to read reviews on the internet or speak to your friends and family who have undergone rhinoplasty surgery. It may also be useful asking the surgeon whether they have prior and post-operative photos taken of the patients they have treated. These can give valuable insight regarding the standard of the surgery.

Consider how you interact with the surgeon. A reputable rhinoplasty specialist will assure you of your security proceeding with the procedure. If the doctor you are working with causes you to be unsure, it may be wise to find a new one.

The embedded video provides additional details on how to start the surgery for rhinoplasty.


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